Having a baby is one of life’s most cherished experiences — an experience that can be made more wonderful when patients feel good about their pregnancy and delivery. Dr. Paoloni ensures that mothers receive the best, most loving and comfortable health care. 

Prenatal Visits

As soon as you suspect that you’re pregnant, it’s time for you to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Paoloni. During that visit he will take your complete health history, do a urinalysis and a physical exam.

Visit intervals are determined by Dr. Paoloni on an individual basis, according to specific patient needs. Routine visits the first seven months are usually once a month. During your 8th month you usually come every two weeks and your 9th month you usually come in every week until you deliver.

At this and all future prenatal checkups, don’t be afraid to bring up any issues you’ve been wondering about. If questions come up between appointments, it may help to keep a running list.

Labor and Delivery

When the time comes to have your baby, you want an experienced and compassionate team with you throughout the birthing process. Dr. Paoloni has helped bring many newborns into the world, and he is here to provide the care and support you need in the delivery room. Dr. Paoloni’s affiliation with St. Francis Medical Center provides you with a safe, clean environment for you and your newborn.

At River City OB/GYN, Dr. Paoloni Strives to Deliver All of His Patients’ Babies

When the time comes to have your baby, you want an experienced & friendly team with you throughout the birthing process.  Many practices rely on hospital-provided obstetricians to be on call when their patients go into labor. So the doctor who ultimately delivers your baby could be your doctor, a doctor from the same practice—or essentially a complete stranger. However, Dr. Paoloni believes you deserve to know who is delivering your baby, so you can be assured that your birth experience is a priority to him.

Dr. Paoloni admits patients to St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian, VA. This hospitals offers easy access from our offices and constantly strives to improve and update the health care provided to our patients.

All women respond to the labor pains associated with childbirth in different ways. At River City OB/GYN we are committed to helping you have the birth experience you desire. We support all patients equally and present the various options available to them in labor. For more information, please call us at 804-362-0808, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Circumcision is a decision that all parents of newborn males must make. We understand that this is an important and private choice, and we are happy to provide guidance if you have questions about the procedure. Dr. Paoloni is available to perform circumcisions at your request. The procedure is done before your baby is discharged from the hospital, so you can be assured it is done in a safe environment.

Once it’s time to bring home your newborn baby, you will need a car seat that has been properly installed in your vehicle. Virginia law requires that all children from birth through age 7 must use a car seat. You can contact your neighborhood Fire Department to get assistance installing a rear-facing car seat for your newborn. This way you can rest assured knowing your baby is safe while in the car!

Birth is a positive and normal experience, but emergencies can arise without warning. Laboring women can take comfort that their safety and the safety of their babies are greatly increased with immediate access to full medical support.

Dr. Paoloni’s patients will still have the freedom to make important decisions regarding their birth experience, but can relax knowing that they are just minutes away from the latest technology.

He is devoted to empowering women to make choices about their healthcare in a supportive and nurturing environment. Dr. Paoloni is also committed to a patient-provider partnership that embraces consistent, safe, and respectful care at every stage of a woman’s life.

He knows that having your baby is one of the most extraordinary events in your life. In an environment of mutual trust and respect, Dr. Paoloni is confident he will help you achieve the birth experience that you envision.

Natural Childbirth

At River City OB/GYN, we pride ourselves in creating a birth experience for you and your family that is both safe and rewarding.

Dr. Paoloni will respect a patient’s decision to not have an epidural placed and has experience working with patients using various methods of natural childbirth. If you do not have an epidural in place and your labor is progressing without problems, you are generally free to move around and are encouraged to use a birthing ball and other varying positions, including walking. The environment is generally kept as quiet as possible and the lights may be kept low if you desire.


The time following childbirth is critical for your recovery and continued health. Dr. Paoloni understands that giving birth can be a strenuous and exhausting procedure, and we are available to help you through postpartum so you can enjoy your new family. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you!

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