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I was extremely fortunate to have met Dr. Paoloni, as he was the on-call doctor that night. He came into the ER in the middle of the night and treated me. He actually listened to me and the issues I was having. Out of all the doctors I had seen for this issue, he seemed to be the only one that empathized with me and what I was going through and wanted to help me. I immediately changed GYN doctors and saw him in his office (he was with a large group at that time) later that week. After reviewing my history and lots of discussion, I agreed to have surgery with Dr. Paoloni. He is such an extremely skilled surgeon – he performed a perfect surgery on me. After the surgery, when I had developed such extremely painful ileus that I could barely walk into his office, he was so caring and attentive, it was amazing. He took care of me as if I were a member of his family. So now that my daughter is pregnant and moving back to Virginia, I was so happy and excited that she was able to make an appointment with Dr. Paoloni. I know she is with the best possible care. My mind is at ease again, knowing he will be there when my baby granddaughter comes into the world. I can’t wait. Thank you, Dr. Paoloni!”
I had a lot of “requirements” when my heart finally decided a second baby was the final puzzle piece to our family. One of those was an amazing doctor who would balance the needs of ME as the mother, as well as the needs of my child. I did a lot of digging and thought I had found the one. 20 weeks into the pregnancy, I’d had enough and switched practices without looking back. I kept hearing of another doctor who left a big practice and opened his own, and how i had to give him a chance….
Dr. Paoloni is the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor that I have had the pleasure of going to. I have been going to him since I was pregnant with my second and he truly cared about my child and myself staying healthy. He was always quick to answer any questions and concerns I had. He has the best bedside manner and truly cares for his patients and their families!
Dr. Paoloni has a heart to listen and hear what you are really saying and concerned about. Glad and blessed I found him!
Best doctor ever!!!!!!! Very friendly and trustworthy. Definitely the best doctor in Richmond. I highly suggest him.”
Have been going to Dr. Paoloni for 5 years now. Takes time listening to my concerns. Would highly recommend!”
Dr. Paoloni is The World Class physician of this century! He’s extremely knowledgeable, smart, talented at his craft, personable, technologically forward, and most caring. He has been educating and caring for me for a decade; I trust no one more with my life and female needs. One visit, and both my daughters made him theirs. He delivered one precious granddaughter, and both will age to become his patients. He’s the ultimate people’s choice…the dream Doctor who consistently gives his patients 200% of himself and certainly all that you need. I personally have presented unique medical anomalies from A to Z that Dr. P has expertly diagnosed and quickly resolved. He’s an Awesome Gem, efficiently run office, and his staff are the best!! Thank You, Dr. P., we’re sooo very grateful for you!!”
I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Paoloni. He’s knowledgeable, invested in his patients, and just an all around great and caring person. As a patient of his for over 10 years I can say I have never had anything but great experiences. Dr. Paoloni delivered my first born and when complications arose he remained calm and acted fast, because of him the worst case scenario didn’t happen. When I found out I was expecting my second baby I had no doubt in my mind who I wanted again, even if that meant waiting for his new practice to open two weeks before my due date! Dr. Paoloni greeted us with smiles, answered every single question we had about our upcoming delivery and has already done so much to help ease any fears I have. Every single member of his staff was friendly and helpful, even with all of the craziness that can come with opening day. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Paoloni and River City OB/GYN enough!”
He was attentive and answered every question. I could type pages long about him. Overall he’s an excellent doctor I would most definitely recommend him.”
Such an understanding doctor!  I was scheduled for a hysterectomy and cancelled due to panic attacks and Dr. Paoloni has been patient and so understanding! He took the time to talk to me about my fears, etc. Wish I could find a general practitioner as patient and nice as Dr. Paoloni!”
I have only been seeing Dr. Paoloni for a fews weeks of my pregnancy but so far I’m very impressed. He really makes you feel comfortable and really takes the time with you during office visits. He is a very thorough dr and puts you at ease of any concerns. I have already referred friends and family!”
Dr. Paoloni is an amazing doctor, I had issue with my second pregnancy and he was very proactive as well as attentive to any concerns that I had. I recommend him to everyone who is looking for an OBGYN.”
Dr. Paoloni is by far my FAVORITE doctor. He is so polite and courteous, I actually get excited to go see him! Him and his nurse treat you like a friend and not just another patient, 4 stars for both of them!”
Dr. Paoloni was very quick to get procedures/tests done when he had a feeling that things weren’t right. I would definitely recommend him! He is very nice and makes you feel like everything will be okay!”
Dr. Paoloni is great. He takes time to talk with you and never makes you feel rushed. He’s young, so he knows the latest treatments and is very knowledgable.”
Dr. Paoloni is phenomenal! From the beginning he let me know what to expect during each appointment. He was very proactive with tests and always made sure he addressed any concerns that my husband and I had. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I would recommend him to any pregnant woman in the area!”
I LOVE Dr. Paoloni! He is super friendly and very polite. He definitely takes his time with his patients. He will listen to your concerns and questions and respond with thoughtful and thorough answers. Best ob/gyn in Richmond!”
I picked Dr.Paoloni on a whim from the Internet and am so glad I did! I had painful menstration and felt I couldn’t get pregnant and no one took me seriously due to my age…I met with Dr.Paoloni for my first visit and he listened to EVERY WORD and helped in EVERY WAY he could. By my next visit (the following year) I was pregnant, my first baby and I was lucky to have Dr. Paoloni along every step of the way!”
Dr. Paoloni is the best doctor ever! He has delivered both of our children and we had the best experiences both times. He has an amazing bedside manner and knows how to make the best of the most challenging situations. I am so grateful for this doctor.”
Dr. Paoloni is the best doctor ever! He listens to you, takes time with you and treats you like a friend not just a patient. Love… love…love him!”
Dr. Paoloni has by far the BEST bedside manner. He cares about his patients. He delivered my daughter safely after having troubled health during my pregnancy. He is very passionate about his job and his patients. You will never find another doctor as amazing as him. I guarantee it!
Dr. Paoloni has been my OB/GYN for years! I first went to him when he was with VPFW and was beyond thrilled to learn he opened his own practice! Naturally, I followed. Dr. Paoloni takes his time and sees you as a person, not just a chart among dozens. He has an outstanding bedside manner that makes the visit more comfortable and his nurses are all so very sweet! As an OB, he does a wonderful job of talking about the birthing process and listening to any concerns you have. He’s very accommodating to birth plans and keeps you 100% in the loop if anything comes up that may need to be done differently for a safe and healthy delivery. Dr. Paoloni delivered both of my babies and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor to be with us! I’ll continue seeing Dr. Paoloni for all of my care and should another peanut be in my future, I know who to call!
Dr. Paoloni provides exceptional care to all of his patients! His bedside manner is unmatched; he is a professional that genuinely cares for his patients and their families. He takes the time to listen and address every concern, big and small. Moms sometimes have a lot of questions, and he answers each one with patience and thorough explanation. I am very blessed and fortunate to have a provider that prioritizes the emotional and physical well-being of each person that walks into his facility. His staff is superb, greeting each face warmly and pleasantly! It is a very refreshing experience! Our family STRONGLY recommends River City OB-GYN.
Dr. Paoloni and his team are second to none! Throughout my pregnancy, any questions and concerns I or my husband had were answered both promptly and thoroughly. Dr. Paoloni takes the time to get to know his patients, and treats each patient as an individual, truly catering to the fact that every pregnancy is different. I felt comfortable from appointment one through labor and delivery. After a long and difficult first delivery four years ago, my delivery this time was as easy as it could be, and I know it was because of Dr. Paoloni’s expertise and knowledge of my pregnancy and personality. I am so thankful for this staff and Dr. Paoloni!


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